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Our beliefs

Here at Chela we value being a sustainable brand, because in 2020 it shouldn’t be done any other way. We believe everyone should take steps towards making the planet a better, cleaner, and happier place to live. After all, it is our only home. In an effort to do our part, Chela makes sure everything we do is done in the most sustainable and ethical practices in order to limit the impact we have on Earth. When searching for the best materials we carefully consider each of the textiles and processes being used. When something does not meet our standards we work closely with our manufacturers to create something better. On top of this, we believe in giving back to the community that has fostered our growth, which is why we donate 10% of every purchase to charity.

Chela goes the extra mile by sourcing sustainable materials. This includes everything from fabric to packaging. All of our fabrics are made from recycled materials, our products are packaged in 100% organic, cotton, reusable bags, and we ship everything in a biodegradable poly mailer. Everything ordered from Chela can either be recycled, reused, or put back into our beautiful planet.

Chela ensures that all of our products are made with love and care. We stress the importance of perfection and detail. We outsource the manufacturing of our swimsuits to a highly acclaimed and trusted company in China. At this company, we work one-on-one with designers to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.